Freight Forwarding

Offering You Various Transport Options
International and Domestic Freight

Ocean Freight | Airfreight | Rail Transport | Road Transport | Warehousing & Distribution

Ocean Freight

Benefit from our relationships with a wide network of ocean carriers.

We help facilitate the most cost effective routings for your cargo. 

Cargo Tracking. Our real-time tracking system through CargoWise enables you to track your cargo at all times. Our tracking system can be customized to your needs.

  • FCL – Full Container Load
  • LCL – Less than Container Load
  • Non Containerized
  • Ocean – Air Cargo movement
  • Special Project Cargo
  • Oversized Cargo
  • Foreign to Foreign Cargo


Ship your cargo by air when expedited delivery is critical. 

It is not the most economical choice but we carefully select the best routing, carriers and most cost efficient options to move your cargo on a budget you can afford.

Rail Transport

Choose rail transport when you prefer a cost-effective ground transport. An efficient and more environmentally friendly option, trains are capable of hauling large loads.

“Rail freight is undoubtedly more environmentally efficient than over-the-road transportation. Trains are up to 4x more fuel efficient than trucks. Not only do they consume less fuel, they also reduce the strain of traffic on roadways and air pollution.” – Association of American Railroads

Road Transport

Choose truck transport when you need door to door service or service to remote areas.

Moving your cargo by truck can be cheaper and faster for short hauls and for small shipments regardless of distance. It is highly flexible, offering a wide variety of equipment and cargo can be loaded and unloaded quickly.

Warehousing & Distribution


Help control your costs and keep your shipments on schedule when you move your cargo through full-service warehousing facilities. Free Trade Zones have become a popular option for importers looking or creative solutions to minimize upfront duty expenses prior to distribution.


We have you covered, whether you need management of LCL and FCL containers, or segregation of freight and distribution to multiple destinations.

How to Manage Your Freight Proactively

How long will the US supply chain problems last? While that is something you cannot control, look to improve the efficiency of your own supply chain performance. Do you have tools that provide real-time tracking of your shipments? Are you getting data insights and reports to help you make decisions?

According to Gartner Report, by 2023, 50% of global leading enterprises will have invested in real-time transportation visibility solutions. Real-time tracking allows you to follow the route of your shipments live. Without one, you lack access to freight movement information and you are unable to quickly respond to changes, delays and unpredictable situations. It is reactive.

When you partner with IBI, you have taken a step to becoming proactive. You are also joining a network  of customers who are reaping the benefits of being proactive in managing their freight. You should reap those benefits too!