In order to legally conduct Customs business on your behalf, we are required by U.S. regulations to obtain a valid U.S. Customs Power of Attorney from every entity we represent. Both IBI and ACI, for imports and exports, must comply with these regulations.


U.S. Customs regulations mandate for Customs entries to include your Internal Revenue Service (IRS) number. It is also known as your EIN number. In some cases, a Social Security Number may be an acceptable alternate identification number. U.S. Customs utilizes this unique number to maintain records on your import and export activities. Because we are required by law to report this number, it is a required field on the U.S. Customs Power of Attorney form.


If these numbers are not available, such as in one of the following examples, please inform us and we will apply to U.S. Customs for an assigned number on your behalf. Here are examples where these numbers may not be available:

1) Your firm is a foreign corporation, chartered and operated outside United States territory.

2) Your firm does not have an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) number.

3) You are an individual importing or exporting and do not have a Social Security number.


You may find the proper Power of Attorney form for the selected type of corporation or individual by clicking on the Forms page of this website.


Thank you for your interest in our companies. We look forward to doing business with you.