Shipping internationally or domestically should be easy and painless. A large percentage of the time it is indeed painless. However, for the few times when your shipment encounters perils of some sort, we strongly suggest you consider incorporating marine cargo insurance into your shipping habits. It is a small price to pay for the assurance that your investment would be covered.


IBI and ACI can offer you marine cargo insurance on your ocean freight, air freight, and even your foreign-to-foreign shipments.


Coverage includes, but is not limited to:

1) Theft

2) Damage

3) Pilferage

4) Loss

5) General Average claims


If you do not have cargo insurance and have yet to experience a loss, count yourself as one of the lucky ones. While it is not often that claims do arise, chances are you will experience some sort of loss at some point during the import/export process at least once. This loss can be devastating to any business, especially in low margin economies.


Additionally, on rare occasion, you might encounter a General Average situation. This type of claim arises when the conveyance encounters a peril so devastating that the captain and crew must take extreme measures to protect the majority of the freight. Every participant in the conveyance is asked to participate in the loss and/or damage. The value of the cargo of all shipments and the vessel's equipment, as well as, the vessel itself is averaged. All parties pay a portion, even if your cargo was not affected. While your cargo's value may be minimal, other shipper's cargo may not be. Paying a portion of the averaged value may be a hard hitting sum.


We can provide you with peace of mind. For further information about cargo insurance or to obtain a quote, please contact us today.