The Importer Security Filing (ISF), also known as the "10+2" filing is required by U.S. Customs to be filed 24 hours prior to lading of the cargo at foreign origin port onto the mother vessel bound for the United States. Currently, the ISF filing is only required on ocean import shipments. However, U.S. Customs may decide to broaden the scope.


This program is used to help prevent terrorist weapons from being transported to the U.S. It is also a way for U.S. Customs to identify high-risk shipments and to prevent smuggling. Its goal is to ensure cargo safety and security. Importers and VOCC's (Vessel Operating Common Carriers) are required to transmit data to U.S. Customs and Border Protection about the cargo they are importing or transporting.


The importer is required to report 10 pieces of information, while the VOCC is required to report 2 pieces of information. Most importers utilize the services of a Customs Broker for their filing.


The "10+2", also known as, ISF does not replace the AMS (Automated Manifest System) filing, but instead is additional information required by U.S. Customs. Please see ISF requirement details below:


Required elements by the importer:

1. Importer of Record Number

2. Consignee Number

3. Seller (Owner) name and address

4. Buyer (Owner) name and address

5. Ship To Party

6. Manufacturer (Supplier) name and address

7. Country of Origin

8. Commodity HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) Number

9. Container Stuffing Location name and address

10. Consolidator (Stuffer) name and address


Required elements by the VOCC or carrier:

1. Vessel Stow Plan

2. Container Status Message data


** ISF's must have the lowest bill of lading number that is referenced in AMS on the electronic ISF manifest filing.


International Brokerage Inc. (IBI), in filing the ISF document on your behalf, is required to ensure you have a valid bond to cover this transaction.


U.S. Customs has reported in the Federal Register that violations for non-timely filing of the ISF information will result in a $5000 penalty issued directly to the importer per occurrence. To avoid these penalties, it is of paramount importance that you make absolutely certain that your vendors provide the information to file timely.


For your convenience, we offer an ISF form below that you may download and send to your vendors to fill out and return. The form must be filled out properly and entirely for each entry of imported goods in order for you to comply with U.S. Customs regulations. We cannot stress the importance of timely filing enough. We, at IBI, want to help ensure you are penalty free. You are welcome to discuss with us the best route to getting the information to us, so that we may file on your behalf.


Please contact us today, if you need further information about this requirement. We would be happy to explain any of the details or descriptions of needed information.


Link to:IBI – ISF Form