International Brokerage Inc. (IBI) provides expedited cargo release on a professional scale. We combine extensive Customs experience with the latest in information technology to eliminate delays and expedite your shipment to your door.


Customs clearance has been the benchmark of our business for many years. We offer a wide range of services associated with clearance. Here are just a few:


• ISF (Importer's Security Filing)

• Customs Entry preparation and processing (Consumption, I.T., I.E., T&E)

• Other Government Agency declarations (FDA, EPA, USDA, ATF, etc)

• Surety Bonds for ISF's and entries

• Remote entry filing in all participating ports nationwide

• Assistance with Binding Rulings on tariff classifications from U.S. Customs

• Duty Drawback filings

• Classification and Valuation Assistance

• Carnets

• Temporary Importation Bonds (T.I.B.)


International Brokerage Inc. (IBI) has access to clearance in all major U.S. ports. With a National Permit and many licensed customs brokers in our offices, we can provide a wide range of advanced automation tools. We have made available to our clients an extensive list of services and products for review including classifications, ABI/AMS compliance, valuation adjustments and Other Government Agency declaration requirements.


We understand that keeping your bottom line as lean as possible means more in your pocket. It is with that understanding that we endeavor to make sure all aspects of the entry process are done correctly the first time. Please feel free to contact us if you'd like more specific information about the entry process for your goods.