In today's competitive environment we, at IBI and ACI, take pride in providing not only exceptional customer service, but also expertise in Customs and freight related issues. It is our goal to present you with cost effective tools that can simplify your business needs.

IBI specializes in the following:

  Entry processing including: Immediate / Line Release / FTZ / TIB / IT / T&E / Quota / Warehouse
  Customs Bonds (Continuous, Single and ISF)
  Marine Insurance
  Web Based Account Management
  Handling communication & inspections with various U.S. Participating Government Agencies
  Clearing cargo by licensed brokers at all U.S. ports of entry
  Compliance management
  Assistance with documentation issues, internationally
  Consultation on handling protests, seizures and other special projects
  Information on industry and U.S. Customs regulation changes

ACI specializes in the following:

  Ocean, land or air transportation, import or export
  Point to Point cargo movement from/to the United States
  Freight Forwarding cargo movement
  Foreign to Foreign cargo movement
  Marine insurance
  Coordination of cargo movement with carriers and related parties