A Cargo Inc. (ACI) and International Brokerage Inc. (IBI) have the history and experience to make informed choices for your logistics needs. We can suggest vendors for your supply chain, from truckers to warehouses to distribution centers. We have a wide range of contacts to offer.


The key to enhancing your bottom line is entrusting the right companies with your cargo. P.O. tracking, P.O. Management to SKU level, Multi-modal routing options, cargo distribution and delivery are just a few of the areas of our expertise.


Logistically, a detailed evaluation of several key areas will bring overall success to your business:

1) Ocean Freight Transportation

2) Air Freight Carrier Options

3) Rail Movement versus trucking options

4) Warehousing

5) Storage and Distribution

6) Delivery vendors


Please call us today for a personal evaluation. We would be pleased to work with you in this area.