We, at ACI, understand the need to keep costs as low as possible with each transaction. It is in keeping with this thought that we offer foreign-to-foreign service. This type of service is also known as "triangle" business.


The idea is to ship the goods directly from Point A (manufacturing country of origin) to Point C (country of final destination) without having to move the cargo through Point B (your local country). We can help facilitate the move and the proper documentation, for ease in transportation at the lowest possible cost.


Additionally, we understand you may not want your supplier to be able to identify your purchaser, inadvertently eliminating your sales efforts. We will help ensure confidentiality so that you keep your client and your source from learning of each other.


Detailed tracking of the freight as it changes hands in each part of the transaction just got a hundred times easier for you. Let ACI do the work for you.


Please ask us for details on how to incorporate these types of moves into your everyday transactions. Start saving money today.