In today's competitive environment we, at IBI and ACI, take pride in providing not only exceptional customer service, but also expertise in Customs and freight related issues. It is our goal to present you with cost effective tools that can simplify your business needs.


     Global Agency Network
     Experienced Licensed Customs Brokers in all major ports
     Partners Experienced in Exportation Regulations at all shipping origins
     Global Vetted Supply Chain Partners
  Regulations and Compliance :
     Professional Entry Processing
     US Customs and Border Protection Information Services
     Import and Export Compliance Management
     Advanced Automation Tools
     Import and Export Regulations Consulting
     Drawback Entry Services and Assistance
     ACE/ABI/AMS/AES Compliance
     Full Product Database Including Classification, Value Adjustments and OGA Declarations
     Harmonized Tariff Product Engineering Services
     Letter of Credit Shipping Compliance
     TSA Known Shipper and Unknown Shipper Compliance
     C-TPAT Compliance
     Freight Tariff Publication

     International Brokerage Inc.
     A Cargo Inc.
     U.S. Customs and Border Protection
     U.S. Department of Agriculture
     U.S. Food and Drug Administration
     U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
     U.S. Department of Transportation
     U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
     Cargo Tracking Sites
     Freight and Brokerage Associations

     World Information