Since 1993 and the implementation of the Customs Modernization Act, the responsibility of U.S. Customs compliance has shifted, in large part, to the importer. This means that importers are burdened to not only understand and comply with all regulations, but also to remain current on updates and changes to these regulations.


International Brokerage Inc., (IBI), prides itself on ensuring its staff is fully trained and updated on these ever changing regulations. With a very high percentage of our staff holding Customs Broker Licenses, we are well positioned to assist importers with any and all compliance matters.


Our job, at IBI, is to guide our customers in making sense of the myriad of regulations and, thus, helping to ensure that due diligence is practiced and observed. Accurate classification of products is an essential part of compliance. We can help facilitate binding rulings from U.S. Customs headquarters on your tariff classifications. By obtaining such rulings, this sets in stone the tariff classification and applicable duty rate for your imported products. Solidifying this information, ultimately, can help importers with costing analysis long before product even ships.


If compliance is an area that your company would like to pursue, please notify your local IBI account representative. We would be happy to set up a meeting to assist in whatever way meets your company's needs.