Being able to track your purchase orders is the key to core business success. We understand you need to know where your freight is, so you can estimate how quickly you can move your product out the door to your end customer. We also realize that duplication of effort is not efficient. Lastly, it is imperative to note there are many levels of Purchase Order Management available. The scope is different for every importer and exporter. Therefore, we have developed two integrated systems to help you manage your purchase orders.


The first is a P.O. Tracking system. When provided your purchase order numbers, we input that information into our system, so that it will link up to any freight or brokerage file. You are then able to search those purchase order numbers to see what the status of your shipment is within our network. Our website details will always include this information. We can also send tracking reports as often as you would like them.


The second system we offer is an all-encompassing Purchase Order Management system. We have the ability to either enter or upload your purchase orders via CSV files. The system easily includes such information as SKU, item, pieces, due dates, destination locations, and more. We then assist you in monitoring the status of P.O. completion. Once the P.O. is complete and all items have shipped, you will be able to see all shipments related to your purchase orders. It is a much more detailed, and broad collection of data than the P.O. Tracking system. Additionally, there are a multitude of reports available to assist in inventory control and purchasing management. Robust reports are accessible as often as you would like them.


We would love to demo these products to you at any time. Please contact us today.