International Brokerage, Inc. is a Customs Brokerage firm dedicated to servicing importer's needs for customs clearance and delivery. With a strong list of clients whose service dates back to 1994, International Brokerage, Inc. was incorporated in October of the year 2000. International Brokerage, Inc. (IBI) has successfully maintained a strong clientele who import a wide variety of commodities. The biggest strength of International Brokerage, Inc., (IBI), has always been expertise in many different commodities. Focus has never been limited to specific areas of import. Instead, being well rounded and knowledgeable in many products enables the company to grow with its customers.


After encouragement from our customer base, IBI further expanded our portfolio by forming a sister company, A Cargo Inc., in May 2009 for the purpose of moving cargo. Moving much of the same freight that is being handled by the brokerage division is a positive service addition for IBI's client list.


A Cargo Inc., a Non Vessel Common Carrier (NVOCC) and Freight Forwarder, is rapidly expanding. We have quickly become a "one-stop shop" where importers can track their cargo from point A to point B with seamless effort. A Cargo Inc. (ACI) works very closely with IBI to make sure the customer does not have to think about their cargo after it is turned over at origin until it reaches their door. Whether import or export, ACI has quickly established a foothold in the international marketplace.


In December 2009, International Brokerage, Inc. expanded further by introducing an office in Portland, Oregon. The need in the Pacific Northwest for a strong Customs Broker in Portland seemed a gap that we could easily fill. With extensive knowledge and comprehensive understanding of Customs regulations, the Portland office became an integral piece of IBI's staying power.


In July 2010, IBI and ACI expanded globally by the addition of a Tokyo office. It has proven invaluable for both import and export cargo movement, and to our brokerage division to have ties to the Asian marketplace. We have strengthened our network of agents, our buying power and our knowledge immeasurably. We look forward to further expansion and growth.


Entrusting your business to IBI and ACI will be an important decision for you long term. We do not take that lightly. We appreciate every opportunity to serve you. Our history proves that we think about our customer's needs first.